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Title: Memory Of Light
Author: force_oblique
Rating: PG, PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Chuck/Blair - (Chuck POV)
Spoilers/Warnings: A take on the last Chuck/Blair scene in 2x01
Word Count: 1897
Summary: She needed me to give her a reason?
But how could I when my lips felt numb and heavy with the drug that was being near her, inhaling her perfume?
How could I when my brain felt like a swarm of bees, too noisy and too disoriented to stay silent or find their way out of my skull?

Author's Notes:It's been a while since I last wrote fiction let alone Gossip Girl.
Please be lenient and nice! XD
Dedication: This fic is dedicated to herm_weasley, yourstrulytessa and alaskas_pudge because they love Chuck as much as I do...

Lyrics: Dark New Day – "That's Enough"

It's too late now to change it... ...Wrapped inside, holding tight, to the memory of your light
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07 December 2008 @ 12:33 pm
Title: Bleed The Skies -1/1
Author: force_oblique
Rating: PG/ PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Dean,Sam - Sam-centric, bordering on Evil!Sam
Spoilers/Warnings: Mostly 3x16 // A bit Angsty for Sam and the blood imagery is powerful..
Word Count: 895
Summary: What if Dean took your soul with him when he died?
If your soul is not in place anymore, what tells you that heaven is where it’s gonna end up?
It might as well be hell and you might as well go there with a grin on your face and your hands crimson red.

Author's Notes:It is a bit crappy, I am sorry, but I wrote it in like 15 minutes...
~ English is not my native language so excuse any crappiness and/or mistakes!

This may as well be hell
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So sorry for the LONG wait. I've been so busy with other things. And the writer's block was annoying. XD

Title: Fifty Times Harry and Hermione Can't Deny It
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,833
Pairings: Harry/Hermione, with implied Ron/Hermione & Harry/Ginny
Status: In Progress (3/5)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre(s): Romance/Drama/Angst
Spoilers: all books, up to DH
Summary: AU. A look through Harry's and Hermione's eyes in terms of what could have been, little moments that mean much more than they perceive. 
A/N: Some of these drabbles put Ron and Ginny in a bad light, so you've been warned. Only the true Harry/Hermione shipper will enjoy this to the full extent. Two more parts will come after this.

Title: Hade's Gates -1/1
Author: force_oblique
Rating: PG/ PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Dean,Sam - Dean-centric
Spoilers/Warnings: Mostly 3x16 // Well after, "Bleed The Skies", I have decided that my style is a bit dark so...this one is a bit dark and depressing, gory too...
Word Count: 925
Summary: In a hundred years from now, when Sam and Bobby and everyone I know and love are gone, having died a decent, glorious death, what will anything matter to me?
Will I want to return as a human, as the man I used to be on earth, or will he die along with them?
If I have no one to live for anymore, why should I care how I am or what I am?.. A Demon

Author's Notes:It's been a while and maybe I am losing my Muse again or my touch. If this is crappy forgive me. I wrote it in 20 minutes....
~ English is not my native language so excuse any crappiness and/or mistakes!

Sometimes it's not about the pain. Sometimes it's all about him.. My brother...
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Title: ghosts should never be ignored
Summary: Lily has never been one to let go of what she’s got (with one notable exception – but she won’t think of that; she can’t think of that, without spinning into regret) and so she tells herself it’s just nostalgia and nothing more.
Word Count: 856
Spoilers: None
Rating: g
Authors Notes: My first real fic in over a year; I may be a little rusty.

Sometimes the alternative is so much more appealing
 Title: The Real Epilogue: the Fred/Hermione Version
Rating: K
Word Count: 4,341
Pairings: Fred/Hermione, George/Alicia, Harry/Ginny, & Ron/Luna
Status: Complete
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre(s): Romance
Spoilers: DH, definitely.
Summary: AU. Hermione always had a feeling that she'd end up with a Weasley boy. And the one she does end up with is certainly not the one she ever expected. But perhaps that was the best part of it all.
A/N: I've been wanting to write this for a LONG time. And now, out of boredom in the past few days, I've finally been able to do it. I'm sure this will make a lot of Fred and Fred/Hermione fans happy. Hope you enjoy!

02 June 2008 @ 06:52 pm
+octopus babies and other legitimate stuff. He really didn't bother wanking himself. She'll do that for him. SKINS. 800 words. sid&cassie. because someone needed to write about them. ♥ [I don't know if I've ever sworn so much times in a fic before. I find it lovely, and surprisingly rejuvinating].

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01 June 2008 @ 12:02 pm
Title: Never The Scars
Author: force_oblique
Rating: G, PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the plot, I am just fooling around with them...! :P
Characters/Pairings: Serena/Blair - (Serena POV) mention of Dan,Georgina
Spoilers/Warnings: Serena/Blair relationship but mostly 1x16
Word Count: 1355
Summary: A take on the last Serena/Blair scene in 1x16
Author's Notes:This may suck....but I felt like writing it...XD

Lyrics: "After The Devil Beats His Wife" by Emery

...You trust too much in my bravery...
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31 May 2008 @ 02:33 pm
Title: Uncertainty Is The Only Certainty There Is (depending on who you ask).
Author: rolleson
Fandom: House
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: House/Cuddy (with passing mentions of others)
Spoilers: Season Four spoilers.
Warnings: None.
Summery: House just needs to know people love him because he doesn't love himself.
Notes: 1867 words. Written for prompt_in_a_box. Still trying to get my head around House. Title is taken from a John Allen Paulos quote.

("Who do you think you're talking to?!")
30 May 2008 @ 10:11 am
Ummm posting this here because I was encouraged to join. Umm with my short lived livejournal account I've only belonged to and posted in Harry/Ron communities.
I hope a Harry/Ron is fully welcomes here!

Title: From One to a Hundred Thousand
Author: Centrifugal Forces (Emery)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Character Death

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